Samsung is preparing a tablet with keyboard and Windows 8

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Tablet with a keyboard, or hybrid device netbook removable. We have no very clear about what you want to present Samsung this time, but clearly it will soon and with Windows 8. The Korean brand has left see a short video and a your profile picture on Facebook that the advice. If it was just for the photo look like a tablet with the operating system of Microsoft , but the background, and especially video, are that there is something more.

The device would be the Samsung Series 5 Hybrid PC , which could be seen in the technology fairComputex last June. Then we saw him locked in a glass case, no details of its operation. Despite this, if we know something about this team, which could be presented in the coming days.

The tablet also know that will weigh 747 grams and just 9 millimeters thick. We do not know it will remain as the weight and overall dimensions of the assembly. Until you see it in more detail we will not clear the use of this equipment. ‘ll be interesting to see if this hybrid capabilities change much with or without keyboard.

Nor have we are clear as to call this team, but maybe we cleared many doubts Samsung in the coming days. All indications are that we will see at the show of technology that will be developed in the German city of Berlin . The IFA starts this Friday and we will see developments in technology of all kinds until Wednesday September 5.

Samsung continues to innovate with hybrid devices. These days also has strong rumor that Koreans pay one strange device, mix between smartphone and camera . In the coming days we will know all the facts about these teams. Hopefully we can see you soon in the windows at an affordable price, and is so far, we know nothing about the availability or how much they will cost.

In this video, Samsung shows something, but very little of this new team. Just a few shots of the side and nothing on the screen. At the end of one phrase “something clever is about to arrive.”

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