Samsung is all set to launch the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

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For some time been rumored about the possibility that Samsung released to the market a smaller version of its current flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S3 . Finally this device, which will be called Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, is about to become reality. The confirmation comes directly from the company president has assured that the Korean press that the presentation will take place today in Germany, particularly in Frankfurt . The new model is characterized by Koreans gather the essence of which for many is the best phone of the moment in a slightly smaller size and a more modest specifications. This terminal is intended for users who want to pay less yet do not want to give up having a very complete smartphone with functions at the level of a high-end Samsung Galaxy S3 carving.

Also leaked a couple of images that show who actually design Mini Samsung Galaxy S3 line follows his older brother , with a form of smooth lines and edges are rounded. In the images showed only the white version, but is likely to announce a presentation in color. Besides pictures have known more about his supposed sheet confirming that this is a mobile midrange.

SGS3 Mini 02

The main difference with the above model is that the screen is smaller, namely four-inch diagonal and aresolution WVGA, or what is the same, 480 x 800 pixels . As is customary in the terminals of the panel will mark the type Super AMOLED, this technology allows playback of very sharp images with bright colors too unpunished energy consumption for battery autonomy not see adversely affected. The camera pictures have a resolution of five megapixels and they come with LED flash light for support in situations where there is not much light. Logically records video, but for now we do not know the resolution to be.However you can probably take FullHD videos (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) and it has a dual core processor to a gigahertz clock frequency and a GB of RAM to ensure smooth performance. We also carry a front camera for video calls, although in this case the resolution decreases to 0.3 megapixels (640 x 480 pixels).

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini will come standard with the latest version of the mobile platform fromGoogle , Android 4.1 known by the nickname of Jelly Bean. Among the new features of this release highlights the voice assistant Google Now and performance improvements to make things fluid. Other details of this handset is 16 GB capacity (with support for MicroSD up to 32 GB), battery of 1,500 milliamps and a complete set of connections including a chip NFC . Finally the price could reach around400 euros, but will have to wait for the presentation to confirm.

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