Samsung introduced a children’s educational tablet- Galaxy Tab 3 Kids

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Now the team of  Samsung officially introduced the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids , a special variant of its new family focused directly in the education of young children in our homes. With the release this Christmas of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids , the company wants to quickly become a niche in this market with so much future.

Technology moves quickly and the age at which we begin to interact with it ever is earlier. Because of these ideas, Samsung decided to release this version so special. The company wants to enter through the front door of this new market by launching a product so powerful it can be used as normal for any of us to meet our needs, but with an intuitive and fun for children.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids

The device itself, which will be available this holiday season for a price to be around 225 euros , has a TFT screen 7 “inch capable of generating a density of 170ppi . Monta Android 4.1 with 1GB of RAM. Regarding the design, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids is similar to the smallest member of the new family of consumption. Available in yellow, this tablet can incorporate an orange rubber boot that protects the entire frame of possible shock or scratches.

The main purpose of this educational tablet not get our children to use without fear of causing any damage to any gadget different from ours, but thanks to their unique applications to learn and gain new knowledge in a more pleasant in the early years . These payment applications that come pre-installed completely free on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids, vary depending on the markets in which the product is sold well in Spain, our little ones will find applications Santillana or Disney Channel . And thanks to his shop Kid’s Store, parents can incorporate Tablet educational exercises, stories, and games to learn languages.

Parents have full control over the content their children watch on the tablet, can select which applications will be downloadable or manage airtime will our children before a password lock screen disabling the system is activated.

Undoubtedly, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids, is possibly one of the best technological options for our children to learn using new technologies. Samsung, which seems to have a firm commitment to bring schools, colleges or universities their technologies to improve the way we learn not want to miss this opportunity to get into a market that will surely grow in importance in the future.

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