Samsung has something new & improved Galaxy S3, CES 2013

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Samsung has no plans to lower our guard against the iPhone 5, the Nokia Lumia or any other competitor who can make shadow is why it has made an announcement, in which he reveals that the next Consumer Electronics Show 2013 ( CES 2013 ) We will be introducing new (something new), but had ruled out introducing the Samsung Galaxy S4 in 2013 could be that the surprise (at least an improvement).

The 2012 is about to end but things to come in 2013 as far as technology is concerned, we do think it will be a wonderful year. Well, this if the prophecies are wrong and doomsday theories .

Tech companies promise that 2013 will be full of interesting things and technology that will revolutionize the way we live today. Well we’ll see if this is true.

One company that is determined to promise wonders for 2013 is certainly Samsung. One of the videos where promises are made by the South Korean company cites a text which speaks of “something new” (Something New).

What Samsung may be preparing for CES 2013? The truth that many times we are left with the desire of something big by the big promises they make (everyone, not just Samsung) and what they offer in the end there is nothing special, but it is assumed that this new year whether it will something spectacular.

Suite Premium Upgrade is another ad that Samsung has done, and this is dedicated to the Samsung Galaxy S3, which will feature a myriad of improvements that will make the mobile device a wonderful electronic pileup.

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