Samsung has an 8-core mobile processor

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The mobile processor market has just taken a step further, and this time the progress has come from the hand of Samsung. The South Korean company has just introduced at the fair in Las Vegas CES 2013 a new processor.And it is not anything. Exynos 5 The Octa is a eight-core mobile processor ?

 Exynos 5

The presentation was made ​​by Stephen Woo, global president of Samsung, which said the five Octa Exynos processor is composed of two sets of four cores, for a total of eight. The idea is that mobile devices can run apps simultaneously much weight quickly, without phone battery or tablet disappears within minutes.

For one of the demos, called Glen Roland Woo, vice president of Electronic Arts, who came on stage to test a 3D game on a tablet with the microprocessor. According to Roland, the progress is not so much speed, too, but what is gained in multitasking and when displaying graphics like these.

The battery issue is perhaps the most striking: according to Woo, the chip has not only device performance to a new level, but it does save up to 70% of battery . The reason? A new silicone, as collected CNET .

Samsung has a whole line of mobile processors Exynos named some of them, as the two core Exynos5 are on devices like the Nexus 10 and the Chromebook . Will that change now quickly to the new 8-core processor?

The Octa Exynos5 will become a direct competitor of Tegra 4, Nvidia also presented at CES 2013, and Qualcomm Snapdragon.

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