Samsung GT-i9525, a new smartphone with Android 5.0

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Yesterday he was released a performance test of the possible Samsung Galaxy S4 . However, some of the technical characteristics did not appear that they had much to do with the specifications had in mind for a future flagship. Also, has now gone further proof stage, where you can see a new detailed team:Samsung GT-i9525 . Let’s see what is known about it.

With the performance test has been allowed to see-again-on page NenaMark , opens another front. And is that the smartphone of Sony unveiled a few days ago and apparently used Android 5.0 , will not be the only one to have installed this version of the mobile platform from Google : Samsung also is working on another with advanced mobile the future platform of Mountain View .

Also, if the test showed himself on the hypothetical Samsung GT-i9400 that was WVGA resolution (800 x 480 pixels), this new smartphone presented a higher resolution: get to have HD quality (1,280 x 720 pixels).Also, this new information would be something far from what is expected of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 .


Furthermore, the processor of the new Samsung GT-i9525 have a working frequency of 1.8 GHz . Meanwhile, it would be a quad-core model, which itself could be more striking in a new flagship Samsung .Now, what place would be the Samsung GT-i9400 leaked? From the portal Korean MT disclosed another hypothesis. His name is Samsung Galaxy Grand .

What does this new phone? Apparently, the new terminal that Samsung might be working would be a hybrid between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 . Apparently, this model would have a five-inch screen, but with the resolution that was specified in the performance test.

Meanwhile, this new team would be sold only for the moment, in the Asian market. Something similar has happened with the version DualSIM -seat two-Mobile card of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 . Although the latter model it is possible that reach Europe, where Samsung already has a line of terminals defined under the nomenclature DUOS, the last to appear was the Samsung Galaxy S DUOS .

Neither, however, be ruled out that the Samsung GT-i9400 it were the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus which should appear this coming December . This would be an improved version of the original model and which already include the new series of Google icons that have been released in the new range of terminals Nexus Internet giant.

Meanwhile, Samsung still does not clarify any of the fronts . Moreover, even if it is confirmed working on the next flagship. Moreover, it is expected that the next blockbuster from producer would use the formula that was used with the Samsung Galaxy S3 : presentation at a separate event, also known as Samsung Unpacked – which carry all the attention. That is, it would set aside large fairs like CES or Mobile World Congress .

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