Samsung Galaxy WiFi Camera, thorough analysis

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It’s probably the camera most revolutionary recent years. Though is that, a camera, Samsung gave him the name that accompanies mobile best: ” Galaxy . “ And is that like these, comes with operating system Android and market access applications. Because the Samsung Galaxy Camera has Internet access, and this changes everything.

Samsung Galaxy

We know of two models, or not that includes a WiFi connection and another that also incorporates a 3G connection. Today we will take a look at the humble range, which has a WiFi connection .And although it seems less revolutionary than its “big brother”, the possibilities are practically the same.

The key to such a model are the apps . It’s not the same to buy a normal camera with a limited scope, that one that has the ability to download programs. Customize the photos we took looked like a piece of the pie that was for the mobile phones as well as easily share them through Internet.

So this camera is so important. The compact camera industry is in the doldrums since the cameras incorporate smart mobile applications. And is that ome like Instagram make all the rage among users.So the Galaxy Camera wants to add value: use the most popular apps with a higher quality photos. And is that however much they have improved camera phones in recent years, are still far from the characteristics of a compact when optical sensors.

We then review thoroughly the characteristics of the Samsung Galaxy WiFi Camera.

Samsung Galaxy WiFi Camera


The Samsung Galaxy Camera is a sensor of 16 megapixels , rather more than it can reach any mobile phone camera. With a sensor like this can get a maximum resolution of  4608 x 3456 pixels. This is an image large enough to print a photo on paper  41.5 x 29.2 cm, high quality (300 dots per inch). If we look at the photos we usually have printed, we realize that this size is much larger than we usually need.

The sensor has other important advantages with respect to which we can find in the mobile phone camera.For example, the sensitivity of the sensor can be forced up to ISO 3200, which is helpful when taking pictures in low light. It is also much more acceptable control of image noise, so we will not have much trouble with those pesky red dots.


However, the big difference between a camera and a mobile phone is the goal. The same construction of a mobile too bulky optics impossible because abultaría too. This causes some problems in brightness, but what really changes is the zoom that the camera can incorporate.

In a mobile, we can use any zoom on a mobile is not just a electronic forced basically crop the image to enlarge a certain area. Camera The Samsung Galaxy whatever with a zoom lens of 21 increases, traditional photography that call 23 – 481 mm. This is not only much more than offer a mobile camera, it is also more than enough offers most compact camera market.

Operating System and Screen

Comparisons with a mobile are required because the similarities are great. And the Samsung Galaxy Camera has the most used operating system in the world of smartphones: Android.addition, the machine is not intended to comply with some of the most basic functions, but it has the latest version of this software.

Android have come to assume almost all functions have a smart phone, but the phone itself. That is, Internet browser, GPS, and access to the Google Apps Marketplace Play. In it we will find the most popular and games, but the more juice you can get them is logically to photography.

And in the market there are a huge number of apps designed to retouch photos, apply filters or share images on social networks. Nevertheless, so far we have used these applications on low-quality images. The prospect of applying filters of Instagram , for example, becomes different if we have images larger, higher quality and the possibility of using a large zoom.

The camera screen is one of the most reliable indication that this is no more compact. Viewed from behind, there is little difference with any Smartphone. 4.8 inch touch screen covers the entire back. It has a resolution of  1280 x 720, ie, a density of 308 pixels per inch.


The main connection is WiFi Internet access. This is the central pillar, and through it you can perform most of the tasks that allows a camera connected. The most basic task of a camera, export the photos, it is much easier this way. And it is that and not have to connect a cable or move the computer to a memory card. Through the wireless network can move the photos to an external storage without problems.

We can also skip this step and share photos directly through the camera. With the Internet connection, p e can hang pictures directly on social networks like Facebook or Twitter , if we are connected to one of these networks.

This model of Samsung Galaxy Camera does not offer a 3G connection, however, is not entirely lost the ability to share the photos on any site. And is that another virtue of the WiFi connection is well understood that with smartphones. Thus, we could link and camera phone through WiFi and use 3G mobile connection to share photos wherever we are.

Autonomy and price


The autonomy of the camera know its amperage (1,650 milliamps) and in standby (280 hours).Nevertheless, these data say little about the actual battery life. The duration of this in a camera is often measured in the amount of shots that endures during a charge cycle, but in this case is different. Huge screen and WiFi consume much energy, probably far more that own photographic shots.

At the moment we do not know the exact price that the camera will have on the market, but we can get the idea. And we know that her older sister, the one with 3G connection cost around 500 euros if we welcome grants to any phone company. The price of this model will be somewhat less than that figure.


Type Compact
Weight and dimensions 128.7 x 70.8 x 19.1 mm  

300 grams

Memory Internal: 8 GB  


External: Micro SD up to 32 GB

Screen HD Super Clear LCD  

4.8 inches

HD 1280 x 720, 308 ppi

Sensor 16.3 Megapixels
Formats Photo: JPEG  

Video: Full HD MPEG4/H.263/H.264/3gp (H.263 + AMR)

Controls and connections Bluetooth 4.0 

USB 2.0

Connecting as Modem

AP Mobile


Outlook Sync (via Kies)

WiFi a / b / g / n

AGPS, GLONASS / Google Navigation


Autonomy 280 h at rest
Price 500 euros

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