Samsung Galaxy S4, photos of possible designs to choose

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Follow the countdown to the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 and follow up the many rumors about its external and internal characteristics.


In recent days, they have released some photos of possible designs of Samsung Galaxy S4 , presumed smartphone will have more than one presentation.

Samsung Galaxy S4, as you know, has still not been submitted in any official event, but there are many speculations have been made about this new smartphone almost daily.

Thanks to the Internet, conceptual photos have leaked of what could be the Samsung Galaxy S4 design , a smartphone that according to what they say its many rumors, may have different styles with varying characteristics to please consumers.

Rumors of Samsung

The designs are created Mehzi Mohammad Azimi artist and as already mentioned, should not be taken as the official: it is quite likely that Samsung’s smartphone does not look at all well, but we think it’s funny stimulate imagination occasionally.

In late January, we told you about Samsung Galaxy S4 has new rumors about release date , which confirms its global arrival in the spring of this year, but as always, Samsung has chosen to remain silent and watch as the expectation remains increase for this highly anticipated release.

Do you think Samsung surprised with a different design than usual with this release? Or that will remain true to its usual concepts? The truth would be interesting to continue to watch grow the variety of options and models of smartphones, instead of all sizes and are only similar structures.

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