Samsung Galaxy S3: five tricks to enhance multimedia experience

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The multimedia options of Samsung Galaxy S3 are truly amazing, but some possibilities may be missed because they are not aware that you can perform. We indicate the 5 most curious and interesting tricks that allow you to determine to what point this phone offers vast opportunities in this section.

With these tips you can improve your experience in the Video section as in the Photo , so as to cover almost all common media choices that are made with a current phone.

1. Play two videos simultaneously

Pop-Up Play to view a video on a small screen while making a choice. This is already a good possibility, but such is the Galaxy S3 capacity that can be used while watching another video to full screen .

Therefore, if you see a movie and is minimized by the menu, you can open another video file and, thus, to see both at once … ideal for when a child is with you.

2. Use All Share 

All Share is an excellent option to share content and, for now, is not used as well as they could by users … yes, it is necessary that the devices are used, such as television, are compatible .

We recommend you try to share content with specific application which includes Samsung Galaxy S3, as it’ll be very surprised and, sure, you use it regularly to watch movies or television series.

3. A stylish clock

True awakening is not the best in the world, but it must be done no matter what. So if you want your phone to wake you up in a different way – informing time or reading the news – should do the following: in the Clock application, access the Alarm Type option and active briefing (Briefing) .

Now states that want to tell you to ring the terminal and go … and have a different alarm. Surely, at least, I find it useful.

4. Make panoramic photos

Many do not know it, the worse possible panoramas with the camera of Samsung Galaxy S3, which so far only done with additional applications. And besides, it’s really easy.

It only has to change the Panoramic Shooting Mode and then you can perform all left to right taking pictures. Then, the terminal examines the images and paste them where they belong . Simple and attractive.

5. Better sound on calls

Samsung Galaxy S3 offers the ability to equalize the sound of calls, so thus adapting to user preferences. Therefore, it can listen exactly as wants .

To use this option you must enter Settings> Sound> EQ Settings flames> Custom EQ. Here you set the sound as you like and check, which takes effect on all calls.

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