Samsung Galaxy S3: 5 tips for speech recognition, gesture and movement controls

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Samsung Galaxy S3 is the reference phone today (we’ll see what happens when this iPhone 5 September 12). And, despite all the videos and information that the company has supplied some tricks are still unknown by users.

You present yourselves the five most interesting that leverage the gestural controls, motion and voice offering this model that should not be forgotten, that to date has sold ten million units.In this way, will get the most out of your Samsung.

1. Make calls very easily

With the recognition of movements that allows Galaxy S3, because it includes many sensors now make a call is as simple as putting the phone to your ear when viewed on screen contact or text message. 

The action to be taken to take advantage of this option is: when you have a touch-screen, moving the left terminal is sent a text message . If the movement is right, what is done is to call . Use the touch screen is a thing of the past.

2. Take photos with your voice

Samsung Galaxy S3 has voice recognition , and one of the most interesting of this is the ability to use voice commands (which are activated in the menu Settings> Language & input).

Such is the power of this tool, if you activate the voice command for camera apps , you can take pictures by simply saying “shoot”. Therefore, increases the simplicity and even can thus self-portraits.

3. Options lock screen

Many options are now offering the lock screen Samsung phone. Aside from those for security and icons that look, there are some interesting and unlock power with a voice command or the possibility of direct access to the camera.

All these options are in Settings> Security> Lock screen . Sign in and see which ones best suit your needs.


4. Screenshot

This option is not very complex and also takes full recognition options tactility. The process is as simple as passing the palm of the hand above the screen and ready, you’re done. Simple, right?

5. Know who called in silent mode

This is the least close to using the Samsung Galaxy S3 sensors, but it is essential to get the best use of the phone. With the ability of this device, in section Settings> Sounds> Vibration , you can create styles with specific vibration for each contact. This way, you always know who is calling.

With these tricks will get the most out of your Samsung better. In a next installment we will show you another 5 Samsung Galaxy S3 tricks to improve your chances in the multimedia section.

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