Samsung Galaxy S IV, the smartphone that everyone expected

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Since Samsung reaches own information confirming the existence of the Samsung Galaxy S IV, which is not far from the market.

Except the iPhone there are few other mobile devices that have been amassing continuistas so popular among users. Samsung has the honor of having one of these smartphones: the Samsung Galaxy S , which already has various revisions capitalize characterized by knowing the operating system Android with the best set of possibilities .

For this is not surprised by anything that the Samsung Galaxy S IV has become one of the fashionable devices most anticipated by users, hoping to become the lead Android smartphone with a new set of changes and new features for owners of terminals equipped with Google’s operating system.

Samsung already said that at CES it will not show anything about the Galaxy S IV, and also believed that the smartphone could lose the appointment of Mobile World Congress 2013 in February. This, however, does not mean that the device continues starring holders with information that arises by way of rumors and theories generated based on clues revealed in the network. The last thing said comes from the hand of the Facebook page of Samsung Lebanon, which has seen good answer questions of a user with information that could be considered official and that has left its mark among the specialized media.

What Samsung has said Lebanon is that the Samsung Galaxy S IV will not launch before May of this year 2013 . This means two important things. The first is that certainly confirms the existence of a Galaxy S model IV, which was imagined would happen, but it never hurts to be confirmed by the manufacturer. The second is disclosed a more or less firmly on the time that the device could be marketed.

The Facebook page has turned Lebanon into a breeding ground for fans eager for more information and has increased exponentially in the number of fans with that account. Those responsible for it have chosen to defend the idea that what they said is not really spectacular, indicating that in fact everyone knows that the Galaxy S sold between late April and early May, without there any way to know the exact date of its launch.

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