Samsung Galaxy S III presents the mini, the younger brother

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The Samsung Galaxy S III mini is presented as a “compact version of the flagship of the company.”

If what you are looking for a phone with the same features of a Galaxy SIII, but with the smaller screen, the new Mini Galaxy SIII is not your terminal. This is, admittedly, a compact version of Galaxy SIII, the flagship of the brand, and meets some (but only some) of the qualities of his older brother, as the appearance, easy and intuitive, the design or colors. But the similarities end there. The new Mini has just been introduced worldwide for the Korean company, although prices are not known. For starters, its features, except for the fact that it incorporates Jelly Bean (Android version 4.1), closely resemble those of other terminals midrange Samsung, such as the S Advance. But the advantages of Jelly Bean could be reduced because of the processor, a dual core to a GHz, far from embodying the Galaxy SIII (four cores at 1.5 GHz).

The Samsung Galaxy S III mini is a smaller version of the Galaxy S III. It has a screen 4.0-inch Super AMOLED and Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) operating system. As noted by the Korean company, Jelly Bean offers fluid and fast graphics and a new experience to have Google Search Google Now, you forward the information to the user, even before he asked. The Samsung Galaxy S III mini also has S Voice, the voice recognition system from Samsung. In addition, the terminal understands gestures, according to Samsung, which allows a more simple and natural. So, Stay Smart features, thanks to the phone camera tracks eye and keeps the screen on while you are watching. When reading a text message from a friend, with the Direct Call is automatically dialed by simply waving your phone to your ear, and Smart Alert warns of missed calls or messages simply pick up the phone. Similarly, the Samsung Galaxy S III mini has the function S Beam, which lets you share a music file of 10 MB in just two seconds at closer to S Beam compatible devices, like the Galaxy S III or Galaxy Note II, even without a phone signal or Wi-Fi. Finally, the “Buddy photo share” also lets you share photos instantly with all the friends that appear in an image directly from the camera or from the photo gallery.

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