Samsung Galaxy Note 3 could arrive after the summer

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If you thought that Samsung would be content with a single smartphone on the market highlighted during the 2013, you were wrong. They sound hard, at least three new models new for this season . And perhaps, the most interest is can awaken Samsung Galaxy Note 3 , the next version of the most famous panorama phablet. Also, if the sources are not wrong, it could be shown during the month of September at the IFA 2013 .



Weeks ago, the Korean company showed off what the new family of hybrid where you have opted to reach a greater number of customers. This family is the Samsung Galaxy Mega consisting of two models: 5.8 Mega and Mega 6.3 . However, the technical characteristics of both models are somewhat more modest than the family Galaxy Note .

Hence the idea of launching a more powerful model to give the baton to the current model, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 , not outlandish. Moreover, from a Chinese website, it is noted that the launch would during the celebration of the consumer electronics show to be held in Berlin, the IFA 2013 . And that it will be held during the first days of next September. Although, of course, Samsung has not said anything about it.

samsung galaxy screen note3 possible

Meanwhile, also are some of the features that this terminal would pointer. For starters, the screen would enlarge to the 5.99-inch -six to round-and with a maximum resolution Full HD . Now, it seems, the processor strategy would follow the footsteps of his younger brother, the Samsung Galaxy S4 . What do we mean? Well also have two versions, notes the Asia website. To be more specific: one eight-core version running to two GHz and a quad-core version with a frequency of 1.7 GHz .

Although here is not everything. And this Samsung Galaxy Note 3 could opt for a three-GB RAM , that would place it over your current competition and has already achieved with the release of the current version. Yes, what is clear is whether the rumors are true, Samsung will integrate the latest icons GoogleAndroid 4.2 Jelly Bean and his latest custom layer.

Similarly, we must not lose sight of the other two models that have come into play, and you will surely reach the market before the next phablet of Korean. And these are the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active , a more durable and whose name leaked The Wall Street Journal . And the short version, Samsung Galaxy S4 mini , a less potent than the original version and wants to be the focus of attention of a group of users who do not need as much power as offering the Samsung Galaxy S4 . Both are running for the month of July, and its presentation a month earlier. And, just as with the data presented for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 , the manufacturer has not confirmed a single data element.

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