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It offers the largest screen, the more powerful processor and better benefits. The Samsung Galaxy Note II is presented as a hipervitaminada version, in size and performance, the already very powerful Samsung Galaxy S3 .

The phone features a 5.5-inch screen high definition , a quad-core processor with a power of 1.6 GHz and 2GB RAM . In addition, there will be three versions as memory, looking versions of 16, 32 and 64 GB.

Europe has been launched in the month of October of 2012 . And its free price is 659 euros .Obviously, since they multiply offers different operators to get subsidized or more economical thanks to the classic points.

Design and Display

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is eye, a Samsung Galaxy S3 large format. If you had your hands on a Samsung Galaxy S3 will know that this description is to give a good account of the size that reaches the device. The culprit is panel HD Super AMOLED to install this device. We face a screen of 5.5 inches, distributed across a surface that is provided in a ratio 16:9 , ie format pan . To do this, we have modified one of the measures in resolution over the previous Samsung Galaxy Note. In this case, we find acanvas of 1280 x 720 pixels , and 1280 x 800 pixels.

Despite the significant increase in size, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 thins. At least in terms ofthickness , now showing a profile of 9.4 mm . However, weight gain a couple of grams to stand at 180 grams . As for the design itself, as we say, the resemblance to the  Samsung Galaxy S3 is amazing. Really this  Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a Galaxy S3 with gigantism , and only visibly larger size and a different look to the back , the LED flash is placed across from the one so far was the most powerful mobile signature – show that are different terminals. Colours launch  Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will be in black and gray.

samsung galaxy note 2


The  Samsung Galaxy Note 2 repeats the technical profile of the  Samsung Galaxy S3 at the point of connections. In this sense, this is one of the most comprehensive in the market terminals. Perhaps the most. Yes, we must keep in mind that our country will not be distributed version LTE -ie connecting to mobile networks, fourth generation, so we’ll skip this section of the profile of connectivity .

Otherwise, we run into a mobile sensor that has a Wi-Fi can make the most possible at this point. So, not only can connect to wireless networks, but also will make the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is compatible with the Wi-Fi Direct and multimedia networks DLNA . Do not miss the option Hotspot , with which, the phone becomes a portable modem from which to share the connection 3G also integrates this  Samsung Galaxy Note 2 . Incidentally, while we’re on the 3G , it is based on the standard HSPA +, which are achieved with data download rates of up to 21 Mbps

Follow. This  Samsung Galaxy Note 2 also carries a chip NFC . As you know, this is a unit that can activate the proximity communication system. In this case, as in that of his younger brother, this will make it possible to activate S-Bean , with whom you can share files and linking devices with only two teams contacting support. It’s that easy.

Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 combo keeps regular connections: FM radio tuner, microUSB with MHL functions, standard headphone jack 3.5 mm, Bluetooth and GPS .

samsung galaxy note 2

Multimedia and Camera

Here things are encouraged. And very encouraged. The signature Korean remains true to his idea of making their high-end devices are devices that are not withstand any type of media. No sooner said than done: the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is able to play almost all formats of video, audio and image .But is not that what matters in paragraph media , as discussed below. First, however, let’s consider thecamera .

Again, the shadow of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is elongated. What we found in the case of examining thecamera Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the same sensor as its predecessor installed , presented in early May. And not just in terms of photo quality is equated this Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to Samsung Galaxy S3 -both with an eight megapixel camera c Apaz quality video shooting FullHD and looking accompanied with an LED flash -. The camera functions are also similar . So, we could makepictures with a sweep of a 3.3 fps capture or sequential use, that would make up eight registers the phone itself to propose the user analyze the best picture and save. has also this Samsung Galaxy Note 2 a secondary camera on the front of the device, which develops a photographic resolution of 1.9 megapixels and 720p video mode .

samsung galaxy note 2

The potential of the  Samsung Galaxy Note 2 options as far as media is dictated by the capacitive S-Pen stylus . This unit, which is housed in a corner of the terminal, comes with more features than ever.One, Idea Visualizer comes to promoting one of the utilities that best highlighted with the last edition. It is a handwriting recognizer , which enables freehand text we draw up while the system is responsible for interpreting them as if it were an OCR .

Another that has caught our attention is called Air View. This function makes it possible, without touching the screen, we can operate with the S-Pen on the panel and interact with documents or emails that are not open. To do this, simply place the tip of the stylus on the screen for the system to give us a preview of what it contains. It’s that easy. Also noteworthy is what makes Quick Command .Here comes into play a little button installed on the S-Pen . Broadly speaking, this function enables a kind of multitasking centric documents have open, so that we could sail over them quickly.

By the way, we want also to talk to you about how the experience of Pop Up Video on Samsung Galaxy S3 has resulted in productivity to Samsung Galaxy Note 2, with its Pop Up Note : if the S3feature that allowed us to have a video open in a floating window anywhere on the screen , in theNote 2 will be a similar function , but with documents that work within the suite dedicated to this terminal.

samsung galaxy note 2

Processor, memory and system

The  Samsung Galaxy Note 2 pulls no fuss and installs the most powerful processor seen so far . A review of the quad-core Samsung Exynos , which this time takes muscle to achieve a clock frequency of 1.6 GHz . But that’s not all. If you are looking for a phone that really ténica equip a solvent, theSamsung Galaxy Note 2 is certainly the way to go. And is that in addition to the processor, this phone has a RAM of no less than two GB.

But keep talking about memory . If we stop to take a look at the bottom of storage Samsung Galaxy Note 2 , we find that there will be three versions according to the internal memory to equip each edition:16, 32 and 64 GB , well, again that the  Samsung Galaxy S3. And not just that. It also supports memory expansion through microSD cards , provided they are units of up to 64 GB . In practice, in this way, we could get to come up with a handset with quad-core chip at 1.6 GHz, two GB of RAM and up to 128GB of memory. Almost nothing.

The operating system will see the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 from day one will Android 4.1 Jelly Bean .It had been raised in the days before his presentation that perhaps, like the launch of high-end that preceded it, the  Samsung Galaxy Note 2 hit stores with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich . But none of that. Icons Google will attend this super phone in their latest version , which, as one would expect, styling in a package of unique applications that are in line with that seen with the Premium Suite already got available Users of the  Samsung Galaxy Note .

Samsung Galaxy Note 2


The mobile despite its size and added features endures. And hold much. specifications  autonomysuggest 890 hours standby and 16 hours talk time (3G) . In our tests we found that the phone works without problems a couple of days on 3G, 2G four days and 40 hours listening to music.Regarding the video , we can see three movies and a half without reloading … anyway. spectacular autonomy if we consider the characteristics of cucumber telephone.

The screen connections with wireless and processor are the causes of increased energy consumption . And it is true that this phone has amplified this, but it is also true that most of the high end phones usually have a battery between 1600 mAh and 2500 mAh . This Samsung Galaxy Note IIcarries a huge battery capacity: 3100 mAh. Finally, in our tests the result was more than satisfactory. In fact you have to give absolutely use excessive spending to get the battery before the day is over.


Last year there who do not look favorably upon the commitment of Samsung with their Samsung Galaxy Note . However, this 2012 release of this second edition, as it is loaded with features, functions and news for the sector of smartphones is the best confirmation of the correctness of the manufacturer about Korean -the ten million units sold in the first generation of tabletófonos is also a clear sign.

What we will find with this  Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a vast mobile. Vast. Whoever wants phones handy, compact, can be operated with one hand, will not see an ally on this computer. What he proposes the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is an extension of the concept of smart phone and tablet , integratinginteresting unique features that give much sense of the presence of S-Pen stylus pointer .Further, by equipping the latest of the latest in the technical section, the term at the time of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is beyond question.

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