Samsung Galaxy Note 2: the success of “phablet”

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Although there are still critics of this kind of hybrid between smartphone and electronic tablet, Samsung has signed up as much this year getting really interesting sales since launch. Only 60 days on the market and have sold over 5 million Galaxy Note 2.

The U.S. manufacturer may be logged as being the first to decide on the marketing of these devices, many situated halfway between the smartphone and the tablet. There lie precisely the objections of many, which they consider too big to be a smartphone and too small to handle it as a tablet.

The truth is that, as in many cases, the numbers speak for themselves, and while they may 5 million Galaxy Note 2 sold not say much in the overall total sales of Samsung, which has more than 60 million handsets sold this quarter, when compared to sales of other tablets like the Nexus 7 , they become a very important figure.

So important is this success in sales of Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which other manufacturers have been encouraged to venture into the world of “phablets” and are making their own equipment, such as HTC or Sony could do in the next months if we pay attention to rumors. Even discussed by the Network, Huawei could launch short term a device with 6 inch screen.

Another fact that confirms the increasing demand for “phablets” is that the first generation of these terminals that launched Samsung Galaxy Note, took 5 months (more than double) in reach 5 million units sold has achieved Galaxy Note 2 in just two months.

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