Samsung Galaxy Note 2: MultiView function for all applications

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It was only a matter of time before the developers involved with the Android Scene achieve unlock the limitations imposed by Samsung Multiview . The multitasking given by the Koreans was available in 10.1 and Galaxy Note Samsung Galaxy Note 2, but with certain rules in operation that have just been “modified”. Mod, or patch, can use dual screen with all the applications installed on the device.

We saw it first in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and later in the Galaxy Note 2. The South Korean manufacturer took advantage of the power of the hardware of its devices to transfer to another dimension of Android multitasking through the feature called Multiview . Having mastered its operation it was found that it was only compatible with select Samsung Apps, Google and some other companies like Facebook. Now, the developer community has the opportunity to eliminate these restrictions in their use.

A good idea, but limited

The Android operating system, without modification, as it is offered by Google, has a number of applications and services. However, manufacturers also put, successful to a greater or lesser extent, their own grain of sand with the introduction of its own software. This software, which in most cases comes with a custom GUI, manages to increase the user experience of the system and, at times, include tools that manage to further leverage the power of the smartphone hardware. Multiview is the case, the ability of the new Galaxy Galaxy Note 10.1 and Note 2 to show the performance of two applications simultaneously on the same screen. However, the mark limiting its own operation and a few other applications Google.

Installing the Mod through recovery

Many wondered about the benefits it could bring this functionality to the system if it could be used with other applications.How about using Whatsapp while reading email, surfing the RSS application or update your timeline of Twitter ? This is the purpose seeking some frequent users to the forums XDA Developers , who have created a Mod to install from the recovery of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 so that the user can choose which applications to use with Multiview. Very useful, right? For now the project is in beta, but hopefully the patch is polished to achieve optimum performance in the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Moreover, it is not difficult to get that quality of phablet other devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3 . If you’re interested in trying the Mod, you have all the installation instructions, and recommendations necessary files to the XDA thread where the idea was discussed.

We leave you with a video in which you can test the operation of Multiview, unmodified, on a Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

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