Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Mini

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It is worth mentioning that for the time before all data related to a possible new version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 are just rumors circulating around the entire network.

This is because as well all know, the biggest factor that prevents us gain new phablet of Samsung is without any doubt the high price. Apparently from Samsung would be working to incorporate European markets a new version of its Samsung Galaxy Note II which would be distributed at a lower price.

The main speculation can highlight it possible Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Mini  LCD technology would have on its screen against SuperAmoled used in many devices Korean. Apparently the idea is to bring a greater number of users experience a large mobile. It seems that this new device will be somewhat cheaper but do not know any details about the price that it will end.

Because of its lower price, it may also lack some features such as the inclusion of such Spen.

It seems that lately is to remove versions agenda “reduced” terminals range higher. We saw during the previous days also the appearance of a possible iPhone 5 Mini that could be acquired for a price extremely smaller than its big brother.

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