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The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is part of one of the most ambitious projects of the Korean company Samsung . The first edition was introduced just a year ago and left with my mouth open more than one after receiving a screen Super AMOLED large. Her measurements were exactly 5.3 inches (diagonal). But the most surprising come later. And is that in early September, the company was presented at IFA 2012(one of the consumer electronics trade shows highlights of the year) to unveil the second generation of this, called affectionately, phablet by having such a large screen. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 came into the world with a Super AMOLED HD screen of 5.5 inches that would delight most professional users.Decho, family Note is especially aimed at those who always want more and you want to enjoy a full and professional experience aboard your handheld.

But this is not the only benefit you will find in this advanced Samsung Galaxy Note 2 , of course. What catches our attention, as happened with the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the large amount of intelligence built. Thus, Samsung aims to make your phone unique and inimitable pieces . Today we want to tell you about the best features of the new native Samsung Galaxy Note 2 .


1) Airview . One of the most interesting capabilities of this Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is multitasking. With this feature, the user can run different applications simultaneously, increasing device performance and their own comfort. Airview is a content display system that runs through this system and allows you to see the image galleries without having to access them, simply bypassing the S Pen .

2) Popup Note . Another feature framed multitasking. Popup Note allows users to write notes while talking to another phone. This way, you can write the address query , a phone number or any other entry you want to do during the conversation in a notebook. You see, it is a tool for professionals and highly engaged users that combines the potential of the S Pen , the stylus that travels permanently attached to Samsung Galaxy Note 2 .

3) Quick Command. Finally, also based on the true multitasking Command function is fast. It is a tool that allows users to perform a simple function : write an email, open a specific application, make a call, send a text message, etc. … simply by indicating on the screen with the stylus .


4) Easy Clip . And we continue with smart features, but now with those that are more related to writing and content management itself. The function Easy Clip is a delight for those who work with many documentsWith the S Pen can select any part of the document (some text, a picture …) and paste it into another document , send it via email, through chat or instant messaging.

5) Improved Handwriting . If anything distinguishes the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the S Pen that has always stuck. With its enhanced features, the user can type in any document or tool: enter appointments in the calendar, write mental notes in a text, write an outline changes, and so on. The features are endless and the potential of the S Pen , too.


6) Photo Note . This is an interesting tool for users who often work with images and photographs . The application lets you add notes on the back of the photos (yes, as in the past on paper) so you know and can remember what makes that image in your smartphone , what are you going to use it, to whom you should send it, what tweaks there to do so. The benefit of this feature is that you can always remove the annotations or save all the time you want.

7) S Pen / Note improved . And finally, we will focus our attention on the tool S Pen and all the juice we can get. A few days ago, I talked about how to maximize the role of drawing and writing S Pen . And for the occasion, Samsung has enabled a large number of applications focused on the design , thearchitecture , the design , the writing , and so on. In the own Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will find applications with new writing tools and templates to get you started drawing and painting at any time.

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