Samsung demands access to license agreement between Apple and HTC

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Samsung has in a U.S. court requested that a copy of the license agreement to obtain the Apple and HTC have been made public about a week ago. The agreement ends the patent dispute between the two companies, the dispute between Apple and HTC has never reached the level of claims and counterclaims, with which to pull on Samsung and the iPhone maker for months.


The request alleged that Samsung wants to find out who license the patents to Apple and HTC each other. The Korean electronics giant it is all about duplication with property rights, Apple has brought against Samsung in position.

“As you know, was Apple’s unwillingness to license its patents, the subject of Samsung’s response to Apple’s request for a permanent ban on the sale,” Samsung’s lawyer, Robert writes cup of the law firm Quinn Emanuel. “The license has a direct impact on the issue of irreparable harm, and whether compensation is appropriate.”

The license may also clarify whether Apple has included some of his “unique” patents for user interfaces, which it does not share with other companies, actually, added cup. Boris Teksler, director of strategy and patent licenses from Apple had, in the course of the proceedings referred to this portfolio as “untouchable” because it is the “brand identity” responsible. The exceptions to this rule, he could “count on one hand.”

Samsung did its own request not to comment further. The court is about to 27 November decide.

The comparison between Apple and HTC has also sparked speculation about a deal between Apple and Samsung, which many legal experts is inevitable. A top executive said the Koreans, however, Samsung has no plans to negotiate with Apple.

Both parties are on the 6th December again against in court. Then, at a hearing, various issues to be addressed arising from the jury’s verdict of August. Among others, it will be about the proposed ban on the sale of Apple products as well as against eight Samsung Samsung’s attempt to rule to reject the entire lawsuit.

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