Samsung challenges the market and prepares a colossal Galaxy Note 3

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No truce. Or barriers. It’s easy to remember the ill-concealed glee of some competitors and much of the tech blogs when Samsung came out with the Galaxy Note original. That mole with 5.3 inch screen was too large to be considered a phone, and the image of its owner with that brick attached to the ear at any airport talking loudly was too grotesque to many.


But risky bet that Koreans worked and the transgressor manufacturer showed that not only had no limit when it comes to the size of a mobile user but also warmly embraced this new product philosophy. Samsung had inaugurated a new category within the mobile. Some call them “phablets” (play on words between ‘phone’ and ‘tablet’) while others castellanizan as ‘tabletófono’. Anyway, fashion is fleeting and after the Original Note Note 2 arrived, even larger and skimming impossible. But … You know what? Samsung is releasing the Note 3 , and yes, it is still larger.
The Note has been ‘smartphone’ that hates and passions aroused equally to their owners. More and more people love them and now considered ridiculous back to the small size of iPhone and the like. A larger screen offers plenty, especially when the bulk of the phones today to consecrate the data (applications, internet or mail) and a waning of the talks. And when we were still rubbing their eyes to the colossal dimensions of Note 2 (we are talking about 5.5 inch display) and imagining how you can hold it in your hands, come solvents rumors suggest that the manufacturer is planning to turn of the screw to matter.

6.3 inch screen

According to resources , Seoul giant would be developed and a Galaxy Note 3-screen sit-in none other than 6.3 inches. To put it in perspective, the iPad mini features a 7.9-inch screen . And it is a ‘tablet’. 
Newest Samsung would in that strange category that separates mobile tablets, that dividing line that Asians have endeavored to erase. The statement is not free: by bicycle in relation to sources within the manufacturer has heard the phrase “with this model would close the gaps between ‘tablets’ and smartphones.” Or what is the same: a client can choose the Korean company in a myriad of sizes between ‘smartphones’ or ‘tablets’ to meet their mobility needs.But before I racked my brain is elucidating how such a device can hold with one hand, it seems, the idea would be to enlarge the manufacturer’s minimum leverage the chassis and the extra screen that would provide the framework to reduce the equipment. A movement similar to that carried out by Apple and the iPad mini.
No details have leaked about this extraordinary device, but the source suggests that would come along in 2013, and in particular, possibly later this year. The risk to the brand is less, since the market has become accustomed to this type of terminal and, as we noted, users are very satisfied with the performance. 

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