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The Korean company has bought MOVL, a startup dedicated to building applications that connect the mobile devices get the new smart TVs, something that Samsung is interested. And is that Samsung may have decided that its two major products are mobile phones and televisions , so strategically not a bad move to buy one of the most prominent companies in the world of synergy between smartphones and smart TVs. Currently there have been public figures agree.

MOVL is the platform manufacturer API , which allows developers to create applications for connected TVs through the cloud, mobile phones and home networks. Among MOVL Creations are Fun and games like Poker wedraw, plus video sharing application WeTeli or dedicated to Fitness, call SmartFiTv.

According to the resources, the two companies were known as MOVL was the winner of a contest organized by Samsung to discover applications for phones and TVs connected. MOVL awarded first prize by the implementation we draw that allowed drawing on phones and show and share the pictures on Smart TVs.




After acquiring MOVL by Samsung, its workers will go to work at the Korean company’s headquarters located in the city of San Jose. Remember that MOVL was founded by Juan Pablo Gnecco and funded by Bert Ellis and Mark Cuban owner of the Dallas Mavericks , so they had a behind economic stability that would have allowed them to continue alone. But it seems that the union they loved. In a statement MOVL stated: “Now we are part of Samsung Electronics, and we are excited to combine our multi-display capabilities with the scale and innovation of Samsung in the ecosystem of devices.”

Now we just wait to see the fruits of this acquisition and see if Samsung wants them all to himself, or will share their applications with other platforms such as iOS or Android.

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