Samsung becomes the leading mobile brand in 2012

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Samsung’s presence in the smartphone market success is confirmed by receiving the title of biggest brand in 2012.

Have been 14 years, no more and no less, that Nokia has managed to stay solidly in the mobile device market as the leading brand.This company of Finland, which is falling downhill without brakes has seen in 2012 confirming his bad time, losing the status it has held for 14 years, and being Samsung who has snatched the title . This makes the Korean company in the industry leader, something that may not make any grace to the defenders of their eternal rival Apple.

The Korean electronics giant is believed to capture 29% of mobile phone shipments in 2012, representing a significant increase from the 24% who signed in 2011 . The information has been provided by the IHS iSuppli Mobile & Wireless Communications Service in an official statement, and is taken into account when analyzing the state of the phone market.

Compared to this success, Nokia’s market share will fall to 24% from 30% in 2011 according to estimates made by the company.Thirdly, as expected in some ways, is Apple , which sign is predicted that 10% of shipments, up 3% compared to the figures obtained knead in 2011. ZTE, meanwhile, stands in fourth place with 6%, compared to data staying last year, while LG finishes in fifth place with a 4% instead of 6% from 2011.

Samsung has surpassed Nokia with a market force confirming that the Korean company has much to offer to the market. Finnish company remained in first place in the sector since 1998 , marking the first time that Samsung reign ends in first position to analyze data from annual cut.

Samsung’s success is due to the ability to reach a wide range of users by providing a wide variety of mobile, something completely different to what Apple does with its iPhone. “The company produces dozens of new smartphones each year dealing with fill all market segments , from the highest level to the lowest. Samsung monitors the biggest trends in smartphone design, the user needs and the possibilities that exist at the level of market opportunities, and then create products that fit into these factors quickly and efficiently, “says IHS.

Samsung also has the best performance among brands of smartphones, with their global terminal shipments jumping to 28% from 20% last year. Nokia, third, suffering heavy losses in this case , with its share falling to 5% over the 16%. For Apple, sits in second place, followed by HTC and RIM in fourth and fifth respectively.

Nokia is struggling to move from their old Symbian based phones to new handsets with Windows 7. The result is shown in shipments,with far fewer units sold and its Windows Phone mobile victims falling popularity with operating systems from rivals.

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