Samsung beats its own record and manages to sell ten million Galaxy S4 in less than a month

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Samsung has officially announced that it has surpassed the mark of 10 million Galaxy S4 sold in less than a month.

The figure far exceeds the 50 days it took his predecessor,the Galaxy S3 to do so.  

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

The co-CEO of Samsung, Shin Jong-kyun , I predicted last week for an industry forum in Seoul: “We are confident that the S4 will exceed 10 million sales next week. lot is being sold faster than the previous model, the S3. Samsung took 50 days to surpass the mark of 10 million sales with the S3, but the S4 will be the first device from Samsung to sell more than 10 million in less than a month after its official debut. “

On 26 April, the Galaxy S4 appeared on the market for the first time in South Korea. A day later, the brand new flagship of Samsung saw the light in the United States, Europe, China and India . Not even a month has passed and has already exceeded 10 million devices sold, a real record for the company who are used to the good results.

The last previous record was given to Galaxy S3, reaching 10 million units sold in just 50 days. In contrast, the S2 took five months and the original Samsung Galaxy S did it in seven months.But it is clear that advances in phones also have been successful in sales and the new version of the flagship device of the brand is the most popular.

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