Samsung beats Apple in a patent lawsuit in Japan

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After last week a U.S. judge ruled that Samsung must pay about 840 million euros to Apple for infringing its patents, began to create the impression that the war between these two companies was about to end with the defeat of the Korean company. Nothing could be further from the truth. In another trial that the two institutions had kept on Japanese soil judge has ruled that Samsung does not infringe any of Apple’s patents , and reopens the dilemma about the consistency of the criteria that settle such lawsuits by copyright.

The Japanese court decision went unnoticed by the media uproar that generated the lawsuit betweenApple and Samsung held in California, and I could live a new chapter if Apple gets removed from the U.S. market up to eight different products from the Korean company , including the Samsung Galaxy S2. addition, the echoes of this trial will continue to come to the media in the coming months as Samsung has already announced that it intends to appeal against a decision finding unfair. Within three months (December 6) will begin to settle whether the infringement of patents of Apple by Samsung (according to the jury of California) result in the prohibition of sale of such equipment.

However, the Japanese jury verdict is a sign that this scale war between the two tech giants still many battles still to live throughout the globe . This confrontation is the biggest example of the lengths to which has reached the so-called war of patents. In recent years we are seeing more and more, as many technology firms use patents not as a defense of their innovations, but as a weapon to harm a competitor.

The technological field lends itself to these maneuvers, as manufacturers compete in a marketdemanding in which novelty plays a dominant role, and in which (for example) a delay of a few weeks or a month at a launch can be a major economic damage. In what seems to us a more accurate analogies about the current situation, a judge who presided over one of the lawsuits between Apple and Samsungpatent war compared with a ” jungle in which animals use all means available, all teeth and fangs that allows the ecosystem. “

So, it would be beneficial for the market and for the general public to put a stop to incessant drip of accusations and lawsuits that penalize technological development. And given that the two companies have emerged as the main contenders ( Samsung and Apple ) maintain an overall turnover of more than noticeable billion euros a year. Not to go further, the retina display of the iPad 3 is manufactured bySamsung .

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