Samsung Bada decides that becomes part of Tizen

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Samsung has confirmed plans to make it part of Tizen Bada, linux-based system that has its origin in MeeGo, the project of Nokia and Intel.



   The Bada operating system developed by Samsung in 2010 to cover smartphones both high end as the low end. Samsung even said that Bada platform quickly replace most basic phones making them future smartphones.

   However, now the South Korean company has turned to the Tizen project, a Linux-based operating system that is being developed by Intel, Samsung, and some developers of MeeGo old campaign.

   Rumors about the future of Bada were becoming stronger because Samsung’s participation in the development of Tizen. So finally the company has clarified its position through the portal Speaking Korean Yonhap.

   As published by The Verge, echoing the Korean website, Samsung aims to eliminate the development of Bada. The idea is to integrate Samsung Bada into Tizen, which will come as soon as the company launches the first adaptive devices, as declared by the president of Samsung Media Sutions Center, Hong Won-pyo.

   Tae Jin Kan, senior vice president of Media Solution Center Samusng because this merger hinted during an interview in the past CES2012, statements to which both the company itself and the other members of Tizen Association downplay wanted.

   With this announcement, the Korean brand confirmed the upcoming release of terminals based on this operating system release that the recent rumors are to be held in July or August and will be announced in the coming days by Samsung at the Mobile World Congress 2013.

   Despite these rumors, the company has not yet made any announcements about the release of these terminals so it is unknown when they might be ready for new devices based on this operating system project.

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