Samsung: “Apple’s iPhone would not exist without our patents”

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Shin Jong-kyun, head of Samsung’s mobile division, has set the tone in the dispute with Apple tightened. Compared to the Korean Times , he claimed that no smartphone – would exist without Samsung’s intellectual property – whether from Apple or another manufacturer.


“The truth never lies. Without Samsung’s mobile patents, it is impossible for the Cupertino-based Apple to manufacture its mobile phones, “said Shin. Samsung is with respect to its portfolio with established mobile patents very well. “

In addition, he referred to the decision of the U.S. trade authorities ITC to review the acquittal of Apple.Although this meant that it was not necessarily better positioned than Apple, but will do his best. “Samsung’s lawyers to respond effectively to this fight. Yes, a new trial in the case is a possibility, “said Shin.

In the past week, Shin had over Yonhap News said that his company has no plans to follow the example of HTC’s and looking to settle out of court with Apple. “It is in line with the facts that HTC has agreed to pay Apple 300 billion won ($ 276.6 million), but we have certainly not before, “Shin reiterate his earlier statement.

The patent dispute between Apple and Samsung began in April 2011 with a complaint filed by Apple. The company claims that its Korean competitors, with its smartphones and tablets, the Galaxy range, the design of the iPhone and iPad copy. In August, a jury said so Apple to $ 1.05 billion damages. Samsung wants to overturn that decision. Among other things, subject to the jury chairman, he had influenced the other jurors in their verdict.

Meanwhile, the dispute will be held around the world – but with different results. While Apple in the U.S. has been able to prevail against Samsung, courts recognized in Japan and the Netherlands Apple copying accusations against Samsung.

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