Samsung and LG perfected technology to revive sales

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Samsung and LG perfected technology to revive sales


The TV makers South Korean companies invest billions of dollars in developing new technology to produce thinner screens and a surprising definition.

The sector staged this costly effort as part of its latest innovation cry at the difficulties it faces in boosting sales because consumers are seduced by the smart phones and tablet type computers.

The firms Samsung Electronics Co. and LG Electronics Inc. rely on to stay ahead with technology “OLED”, the acronym which in Spanish means Organic Light Emitting Diode. No firm has been discouraged by the fiasco in the three-dimensional television or failure in Internet connected TVs to boost marketing.

The TV industry is intensely competitive and at the same Sony unit has recorded losses in the last eight years.

The advent of flat screen televisions 15 years ago was a breakthrough in the technology sector that captivated consumers in much the same way as with color television in the late 1960’s.

The first generation of flat screens now seems bulky compared to newer TVs ultrathin screen. The image quality has also made progress giants.

However, consumers have a dwindling interest in the advances that offer on televisions.

Why pay for a crystal clear image quality if good enough? Why pay more for a TV if smartphones and tablet type computers offer similar functionality and more?.

When the clerk South Korean Lee Sang-hyun, 30, decided to buy their first television, his main interest was a reasonably priced machine that had a big enough screen for video games.

This person had a limited budget because they had squandered in expensive devices like an iPhone, an iPhone and a laptop.

For reasons of economy, Lee chose an austere TV screen 42 inch plasma. He paid 640,000 won (550 dollars), less than half of what it cost the most modern equipment of the same size.

Consumers like Lee embody the challenges facing display manufacturers of high quality.

Consumers changed their habits electronic entertainment when television lost its monopoly of the projection of moving images.

These people spend less time watching in their living room television programs broadcast live. The smart phones and tablet type computers can play live shows and videos that are transmitted over the Internet.

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