Samsung and Apple, hit by fault

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In August, a jury of nine people in San Jose, California, granted to Apple over U.S. $ 1000 million in damages after it found that the smartphone Samsung violated patents of design and use of iphone.

In early December two groups returned to the podium technology to discuss their cases. The next steps of what is considered a landmark ruling.

Judge Lucy Koh gave responses that denied the most important demands of both sides against the other.

Apple’s request to have a permanent injunction to prohibit the sale of the 26 Samsung was denied because “Apple has not shown irreparable harm because of the probable violation” of some of its patents, the judge said Koh. He said he rejected “the theory that rape Apple had diminished the value of the Apple brand, which could not be separated from their products.”

With respect to other patents, Apple failed to convince the court that the specific designs that were covered by patents raped motivated consumer demand for smartphones.

Samsung argued in a previous hearing that only three of the products against which Apple sought an injunction were sold in the United States and that those had been redesigned to not violate Apple’s patents.

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