Samsung also has its curved OLED TV

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Although it has less noise than the LG, Samsung also has its own curved screen OLED TV. During the celebration of CES 2013 in Las Vegas, the South Korean company has unveiled its first TV these characteristically with immersible viewing experience thanks the curved pan.

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   According to the company, the new curved OLED gives depth to the content providing users viewing experience more real and attractive. It is “a revolutionary TV that guarantees a unique experience with its immersive pan , which until now was not possible in flat panel displays, “says Samsung.

   Leveraging the company’s technological expertise in the development of screens, Samsung has optimized the image quality of the OLED curved to provide a comfortable viewing experience. way for users to view the contents on this TV will be a very pleasant experience, and bending the panel provides thesame quality of image from any angle .

   However, Samsung already has a rival in the market in terms refers curved screen. Also during the celebration of CES, the South Korean LG introduced its TV model with curved OLED display 55 inches.

LG Model EA9800 distortion eliminates some problemswhich could occur in other screens last generaicón and loss of detail. Also, the colors, sharpness and image quality offered by this new TV are features to consider, in addition to its thinness.

   For now, both Samsung and LG have not announced release dates on their TVs or other marketing details.

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