Sales volume tablets overtake laptops this year

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It has long been known that high growth tablet market started to harm not only the sales of desktop computers, and laptops, although the latter has recently claimed to be the “killer desktop” in the understanding of the mass, as began to be sold in the volumes. Experts said in the current market capacity tablets may exceed the capacity of the laptop market.

During this year, sales of tablet PCs to grow by 64% to 240 million units, and laptops will be sold only 207 million. It is noteworthy that a full-sized iPad is no longer the market leader in the number of copies sold – this role will assume many budget tablets, equipped with mostly seven-inch screen, including, and iPad mini. This size will fall to 45% of tablet sales this year. Tablets with screen sizes from 9.7 “to be content with 17% of the market.

North America remains the largest market for tablets (35%), but the second will China (27%), surpassing Europe, Middle East and Africa. By the way, the U.S. and China have overtaken laptops tablets sales volume back in 2012. By 2017, according to forecasts, market size tablet is almost three times exceeds the capacity of the laptop market.

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