Sales of Nokia Lumia 920 reached 2.5 million

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After more than a year without getting the expected results, the devices Nokia Lumia soar. It was the combination of more powerful hardware and sophisticated with Windows Phone 8 which has made the Nokia Lumia 920 in the salvation of the binomial Nokia-Microsoft . At least they show the first device sales statistics, which are accounted for millions. More specifically, the device has sold globally 2.5 million units in just 20 days.

The transition of Nokia in the smartphone segment is not been easy, but his bet seems to take the desired course with thelaunch of Nokia Lumia 920 . Upon reception shy of the first generation of Nokia Lumia devices with Windows Phone 7 Mango, improvements and new features of Windows Phone 8, that have been transmitted directly to smartphones, have managed to excite a larger number of potential customers.

First digits, very hopeful for the manufacturer and for the platform …

The first sales statistics of Nokia Lumia 920 are the less hopeful for the brand, which sought a similar impact with the Nokia Lumia 800. Instead, it has gone through more than a year for the bet of Nokia and Microsoft ended by curdling. At least so we can consider after checking that the model presented last September at Nokia World, the Lumia 920, has caused a major impact on the market. And is that despite facing competition from the likes of the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, Sony Xperia One HTC T or X + , the Nokia Lumia 920 has recorded a total of 2.5 million sales worldwide.

Does Nokia comeback?

Perhaps the sales volume of the Finnish may seem insignificant compared to those recorded by the iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3, but is that the registration of Nokia has been accounted for just 20 days, and only in markets like the U.S., Germany , Australian and a few other countries. Moreover, the figure is doubly exciting for compañíasi one considers that the Lumia 920 has already broken sales statistics of the brand throughout the third quarter

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