Safety tips for maintaining security of email

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Email users can follow ten simple tips that will help preserve the security of their accounts. This is as basic premises heed attachments from emails and take action before accessing links that may be suspect.

The email is still one of the most used tools for cyber attacks and online scams.The ‘spam’, the phishing and malicious attachments and remain a constant need to instill in users prevention routines to help minimize the impact of this threat.Eset has published a decalogue with tips aimed at maintaining security of email.

The first tip is to be careful with documents and attachments in emails. From Eset have explained that, although it is an ancient tactic, cybercriminals continue to try to infect users’ computers through infected attachments. The cost of this type of attack for cybercriminals is minimal and very high hazard.

Prevention at the links in the emails is the second tip. This is another very common practice and equally dangerous. Many threats incorporate links redirected to infected websites or pages from the scams perpetrated. In Eset have warned that sometimes spoofs companies like Gmail, Yahoo or Facebook to encourage users to click on malicious links.

Precisely mails phishing is the third point that Eset has emphasized. Users should be aware not to fall into the deception of emails that report fake security alerts. In this case, highlight the threats of phishing bank, very common in recent months.

The fourth tip has to do with the ‘spam’ and the need for users to automatically discarded. “Although it’s not surprising to receive an email that sells Viagra, the reality is that the classic ‘spam’ is still present today and will continue to send millions of emails offering all kinds of products or making scams”, explained from Eset. The recommendation is to be alert and discard.

Using strong passwords is the fifth council. In this case discourages repeat passwords across multiple services, ideally employing a unique password and account service. It is also important that passwords contain letters and numbers and have parties to be in uppercase.

Sixth, beware recommends Eset connections from public computers. In this regard, the company recommends not access personal email accounts from public computers. If necessary, users must do so through a secure connection and is essential to close the session after.


Similarly, the seventh tip is to be extremely careful in the Wi-Fi unsafe. Using these connections can compromise user accounts as it may be the case that someone is spying on that network.

The eighth tip is to be alert to requests for permission to install something.There have been many users open an email to have seen a message stating the need to install a plugin or codec to view the contents. These messages usually correspond to scams, so you have to be extremely careful.

In a decalogue for emails security could not miss a warning against chain letters.The ninth tip is that users are aware that these emails, often have risks. “The long chains of messages that are useless: sometimes messages of happiness, sometimes good wishes, and many others, hoax or false messages that invite the user to do something that will harm your computer only. Sometimes it can be a seemingly harmless power point presentation that might come with a gift, “said Eset.



Tenth and finally, Eset user is encouraged to be “the largest guardian of your privacy and your sensitive information.” The company explained that sometimes users are their own worst enemy, and who commit indiscretions like sending passwords via e-mail and other similar actions. It is important to know that sensitive information can be intercepted.

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