S9 UTV televisions Samsung 85-inch Ultra HD

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Samsung is introducing several products at CES 2013 . One is the TV 85-inch UHD S9 (UN85S9), the largest TV and higher resolution 4K (or ultra-HD as is the official name) in the market to date, that has 4 times the amount of pixels a Full HD TV.

In addition to image quality, the most striking of this TV is its design. The TV Samsung S9 UTV seems to be floating within a frame and shows the contrast between a minimalist concept with a large screen.

The S9 uses technology Precision Pro Black Samsung to provide real targets, purer and vivid. It combines an extremely high contrast ratio and attenuation control function blocks using hundreds of LEDs and a BLU precise control.

The S9 has a powerful sound system and 2.2 3-way channel with an output of 120 watts which is integrated into the metal frame of the screen that hangs.

It also has advanced features of Smart TV and Smart Hub uses the Samsung software, including S-Recommendation and voice control. To ensure a quality experience and true multitasking capabilities between content and applications Samsung has integrated a quad core A15 processor running at 1.35GHz.

Still no word on the price, but the UN85 S9 would be on sale in March. The company also predicted that a model with similar features but with a 110-inch screen would be available before year end.


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