S4 Galaxy: The Samsung smartphone that knows its owner

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On March 14 went and finally Samsung showed the world their new venture in the market of smartphones: the Galaxy S4 .Once past the launch party, now have to analyze their strengths and wait to feel the product to see if it really is as revolutionary as they say.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

First, its creators say the Galaxy S4 is designed to bring to you what matters most in life, the world of each. “It was developed to redefine a more comfortable experience and respond to users’ needs,” explained from Samsung . What users ask? A device with a larger screen, and heavier and it takes up less elegant.All this has the Galaxy 4 , weighs 130 grams and its thickness is less than 8 mm. Presenting yesterday were two models, black and white, but Samsung is preparing the introduction of new color schemes.

The S4 Galaxy has a 13-megapixel rear camera, which is complemented by another dual, whose main characteristic is that they complement: both devices can take photos and video simultaneously, allowing to extend the possibilities and creativity of the user capture your day: “You can choose from a variety of frame effects, mix the two images, adjust the image size smaller in the big …” proposes Samsung . And offers eight different ways of mixing together the snapshots taken with the two cameras. The function Dual Video , meanwhile, makes video calls with family and friends. But in addition, the camera of Galaxy S4 is equipped with twelve different shooting modes to capture a share on a continuous time-lapse , a function also can be stored with their sound.

Samsung file facilitates the artwork in any one Story albumthrough a function collects automated capture date and location.

Putting aside their multimedia potential, is also new function S Translator ‘s new flagship Samsung . S4 Galaxy offers instant translation or translations of texts using voice mail applications, SMS or chat.

In terms of connectivity, this new device incorporates HSPA +42 Mbps and 4G LTE to ensure seamless connectivity anywhere. The LTE version allows up to six frequency bands for operation in all LTE coverage areas, as well as for international LTE roaming.


A mobile user who know their

Samsung Galaxy S4 boasts fully know the person you’re carrying it and its makers guarantee that the mobile detects the face, voice and movements of users, you can control your screen without touching it. Samsung Smart Pause , for example, allows a video player is put into sleep mode if the user fails to look at the screen, and Samsung Smart Scroll allows you to move the screen by the browser or by post from top to bottom without touching the screen. How do you do? Detects the user’s eyes and recognize the movement of the wrist to move pages according to their movement. Finally, Air Vi ewhelps users to navigate with your fingers to preview the contents of an email, and S Planner, a gallery of images or video without having to open it.

Besides all this, Samsung offers the new S4 Galaxy as an authentic personal physician that the user can carry in the same pocket. Its application S Health uses various sensors to monitor health status and other features allow custom track meals, exercise and sleep.

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