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YouTube has announced that it has updated its video search engine to classify them according to the time of viewing . Any changes in the search algorithms produces consequences. The subsidiary of Google claims that the videos that appear best placed within the search results are those most relevant to the user, because there is a greater chance that you’ll see for more time. Visitors spend over 4,000 billion hours a month watching videos on YouTube , according to the latest data provided by the company. Now, the viewing time outweighs other factors as the number of clicks.

Less clicks, more views, is the new slogan of YouTube . The objective is that the user remain at the site few more minutes, the better. This past August the company warned that change strategy. At the end of the day, had discovered how much influence the recommendations of the site and the search results in the elections of titles that users perform. The videos really important are those who see the Internet, rather than those who start but then leave. In addition, YouTube recognizes that when recommending videos focus on those that increase viewing time on websites, not only the next time, but each time thereafter.

The average viewing time is key. So, YouTube has also introduced changes to the information that gives users hanging videos on your site. It has begun to offer a new statistic in the reports: the minutes of viewing estimates , apart from the number of spectators. This aims to encourage video creators to share interesting content to your audience and to create their own fan bases.

This change in the search algorithm will also cause negative effects for the users hanging videos on the site. For the first time, the company has broken the neutrality, to give priority to the original content creators . Clearly the interest of achieving a schedule can compete with television . The average viewer usually spend almost a fifth of the day watching TV. Therefore, YouTube needs to foster quality videos. The original content or serialized programs usually last between five and fifteen minutes or more. Hence the original programming has most likely to do well classified within the internal search engine results with the new system. The bulk of the viewers of the videos of YouTube comes from the recommendations of the site. Therefore, the modification of the search algorithm will reduce the chances of success of applicants give the stroke on the popular site videos streaming .

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