S Cloud, Samsung online storage could come in October

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Last week Samsung finally unveiled the rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 2 , the second generation of its smartphone and tablet hybrid with a stunning 5.5-inch screen. The terminal was surprised by its advanced features at both technical and software and highlights the redesign of the stylus which now offers more possibilities to the user. 

During the event managers of Samsung is dedicated to reel off all the features of this new beast in great detail, but did not talk about a feature called S Cloud. As its name implies, this could be the final name of the system online storage Korean brand. The finding has been thanks to the German team blog BestBoyz that, after investigating the menus of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in the fair IFA , discovered a section on S Cloud

This service will initially launch with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the camera Samsung Galaxy Camera, users who purchase these devices will enjoy 50 GB of storage on Dropbox, through which service function S Cloud . This type of online content storage functions are very convenient when you cansynchronize data between multiple devices quickly, for example to have the photos of your Galaxy Note 2 on your computer instantly. At the moment there are not many details about the operation of S Cloud , all that has transpired is that serve to synchronize photos and videos. however it is expected that thefinal version of the service includes more features like the ability to sync contacts or events calendar-more like making iCloud of Apple -.

Samsung Galaxy Note February 09

The launch of S Cloud seems to have been delayed, as was expected to be included in the Samsung Galaxy S3. Currently there is no official confirmation on the date of arrival but BestBoyz point to Octoberas the month chosen for the implementation of Cloud Samsung . Already there are several brands that have launched their own storage service in the cloud, for example Microsoft or Apple . Also in the app stores of different mobile platform is a good variety of applications with the same purpose as the already named DropBox or Box , which has recently reached an agreement with Sony and some of its terminals offer free storage through its servers.

S Cloud could become a very convenient service for users if finally integrates more functions, if just stay in synchronization of photos and videos could not be so successful. In any case it is expected thatSamsung will further and bet on a much more comprehensive system really make things easy for users.For now we have to wait to see the light tool officially aware we all emerging news about it.

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