Rumors warm for smartphone Sony Yuga

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Mobile devices could Xperia range to welcoming a new 1080p-capable smartphone.

The trend right now seems to indicate that all smartphone device manufacturers have at hand some kind of terminal that is capable of 1080p. At least that’s what all the recent rumors we’ve heard seem to confirm , although currently lacking tangible evidence as a real strength for us to go imagining what the market holds for us for next year 2013.

In the case of Sony, we have discussed previously known terminals with key names and Odin Yuga, of being renovated and waiting features high power. One of these two, the Yuga, is what has sounded more times, and is emerging as one of the greatest promises in which Sony is working for the coming months.

Yuga the information we had and we have detailed some of its virtues, especially based on final versions that have come into the hands of specialists. Now talk about the time when the Yuga hit stores to get available to users, suggesting that the phone could land on the market with the new name of Xperia Z.

Like many Android handsets with 1080p, the Xperia Z should have a five-inch screen . According to the source who provided the name of the device, the screen uses Sony OptiContrast technology , also used in an assortment of recent terminals Sony phones and tablets, providing a more efficient imaging technology.

The Xperia Z apparently come with a Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core inside, and 2GB of RAM, a camera over 12 megapixels and with Google’s Android operating system in version 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Also heard that could have a shell design with a thickness less than eight millimeters.

Need to know much information about the device, such as the time it will be marketed, the price to be, or additional features you will use. Forecasts indicate that the terminal will be presented at the upcoming CES , which will most likely that major manufacturers look their finest interest with new devices. The biggest trend of the show is believed to be deposited in the form of the 1080 terminal, which is more common than we imagine shortly

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