Rumors: Nokia will release Android-smartphone

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As you know, Nokia opted for Windows Phone. However, many fans of the Finnish company certainly would not be against it, if the manufacturer has to produce an operating system that captured 75% of the smartphone market – Android. 

As it turned out, Nokia may well think about the development of Android-direction. The Finnish company posted a job – requires a senior engineer “for the development of drivers and software on Linux for exciting new products.” And Linux – is the core of Android. Variants with other operating systems virtually eliminated. The company has worked to develop its own operating system Meltemi, as well as having MeeGo division, but in the campaign to reduce the cost of these projects were covered. A OS Tizen, also based on Linux, it is a project Samsung and Intel. That the company will develop a completely new product, almost unbelievable – this requires a large amount of time and resources, which in the current situation is unacceptable for Nokia. Thus, there is only Android. In this case, it will not just Nokia Maps for Android, as the reference to the “driver for your hardware is” clearly points to some new devices. 

Earlier, Nokia Chairman Risto Siilasmaa said that the company has left a “plan B” for the case, if the market does not accept the mobile operating system from Microsoft. It is possible that the results of sales of the first Windows Phone 8 smartphone fell short of Finns, and they decided to “hedge”, the development of Android-devices.

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