Rumors about Amazon’s new Smartphone

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This information was leaked when interviewed a representative of Amazon  but omit comment on the report. Still, online speculation that the next seem experesar smartphone output will be this 2013.

It is thought that Amazon might run your modified version of Android , like the Kindle Fire tablet.

Amazon is also believed that the Nokia maping utlizará instead of Google Maps. This seems a bit odd, given that Amazon recently bought a 3D mapping company called UpNext. However, you may only want to use Amazon data Nokia maps and build your own application.

Apparently the smartphone is not over yet, so there is a chance that Amazon will change her mind about the maps. But the device certainly seems to be under construction.

The idea of an Amazon phone is not the most revolutionary of the world. There are a lot of Android phones on the market today, and Amazon may have trouble differentiating your product from the thousands that exist.

Amazon and the phone uses a version of Android “Single”, similar to the Kindle Fire , could be very attractive for developers looking to enter the widest possible market.

One advantage is that with a busy online store such as Amazon, this same scenario could serve as free digital to publicize the phone and it worked with the Kindle Fire.

Amazon may have every advantage you need in grabbing its share of the smartphone market, if you play your cards when you enter the market can become a success.

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