Rumor: Apple could return to the glass-cased iPhone in 2014

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According to one of the latest rumors from the Apple production line, following a late California company’s patents, Apple may be valuing creating screens and sapphire crystal case for new iPhone to arrive in 2014 .

Apple Glass Cased iPhone

Apple Glass Cased iPhone

The sapphire crystal that Apple uses from the camera of the iPhone 5, which is also present in the fingerprint sensor iPhone 5S and is expected to also share with iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2, could be extended to the body of the s future Apple smartphone .

As it did with the Gorilla Glass on the generation of the iPhone 4/4S, as indicated in the portal PatentlyApple , the Cupertino company showed a patent  published last week – although it was recorded in March – the new process fusion allows you to add a layer of sapphire crystal laminate including the iPhone screen and its back cover.

This added, in addition to re-provide it with that touch so typical of the previous generation of smartphones from Apple, also help to improve so feeble resistance of anodized aluminum housings iPhone 5 and 5S to scratches and shock.

Desirable, but complicated by the manufacturing costs

But this is far from being anything more than a rumor, and perhaps a desire to Taiwanese manufacturers to increase their profits. Resources  indicates that this change would lead materials and rather important issue is none other than a tremendous increase in manufacturing cost . A housing in which is included sapphire crystal fivefold its manufactured cost compared to that now used Apple.

That is why, as in the case of solar charging, some see l iWatch as the first product that could take a screen like this, given the greater exposure that have clocks with items that can be scratched and the smallest that would have the display of this device.

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