Rumor about copyright back to fool Facebook users

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You posted on your Timeline of Facebook notice announcing its ownership of the copyright on all contentYou’ve seen your other social network posting such a publication? If you have not already, do not bother. It’s a farce.

There is even a new trick. It is the revival of an old joke in which many users fell earlier this year, when the FB became a publicly traded company. The previous rumor suggested that the change from a public to a private company would change the rules of the privacy agreement somehow and put your posts and photos at risk, unless you post as a statement setting out its copyright ownership. In the “new”, reads: “In response to the new guidelines of Facebook, which declare my copyrights are connected to all my personal data, illustrations, paintings, writing, publications, photos and videos etc. “

She goes on to state that written consent is required for commercial use of any of the content listed, and directs other social network users to follow the example and post the same notice on its own timeline to protect the contents of violations copyright. It’s all fake. Robert Scoble, a social media icon, bluntly expressed his thoughts on the farce to its 434,000 subscribers. “If you’re posting about copyrights on Facebook and did a search before, is an idiot.”

The privacy of FB is a frequent source of debate and controversy, and the social network is not always the best administrator of privacy rights. Nevertheless, Facebook provides a diverse set of privacy controls, and allows users to choose where and how most status updates, photos, and other posts is shared.

Before you complain about privacy – or lack thereof – in the social network, make sure you at least have time enough to explore the security controls available to you. And, before you copy and paste, or forward anything, always follow the advice of Scoble and do a little homework first.

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