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RT Surface , Microsoft expected bet “a tablet PC made” has been officially launched in Spain and is available through the official store for several weeks. ‘s an interesting option expectant whose arrival has kept many users, because is seen as a serious alternative to the worlds of the iOS of Apple and Android party – but only after living with it for a few days continuously to parse all details, advantages and disadvantages in depth. remember that RT is the Surface little sister Range Surface: a basic version reduced power whose operating system is Windows RT, the simplified version of Windows for “mobile style apps” designed for phones and tablets – against Surface Pro (which is not yet available in Spain , but in other countries) where Windows 8 Pro works in full.



In search of a personality

Sometimes less is more and what the possibilities RT wins it loses battery time and a more consistent user experience – or at least that is the idea with which it was designed, because all apps must pass through the filter and quality requirements of the Windows Store, including earnings, productivity applications, gaming …Microsoft calls the RT Surface “a tablet with many things to do” – indicating a generality that may still be looking for its own identity . The RT Surface should serve both to read and to watch movies, listen to music, play or hold a video conference. But also positioned as a device on which to create content: texts, spreadsheets or presentations (including a simplified version of Office) and a console – you can even wirelessly connect a remote Xbox. Situated in for price Middle Range offers a generous 10.6-inch display in 16:9 widescreen HD (720), ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore, 32 GB of storage and a battery that lasts all day amply normal use, 8 hours as specified. It is more than a book reader or video player, but it’s not a full laptop, since not running the same programs (only RT). Although it comes with many preloaded apps and can download thousands more, who really need a laptop to run ‘normal programs “for their work or daily chores have to wait for the Surface Pro.

Not just look: also write

The basic complement and one of the strengths of the Surface RT is the keyboard,something that many manufacturers have ignored or left to peripheral manufacturers.Microsoft sells it in two options, called Touch and Type Cover Cover. Both serve as “cover” for the screen and elegantly entwines with a powerful magnetic connector – no problems even loose when the screen is held upside down. addition to its resistance to common accidents like water tactile response makes them very comfortable-especially Type Cover, which is mechanical and include trackpad without them the tablet looks a little orphan and is less comfortable, but also has the usual on-screen keyboard. That’s right: the price of these keyboards is above 100 euros, to add to the total. Alternatively, you can plug any USB keyboard or mouse you have at home or the office-work perfectly-which may be a cheaper alternative.

Details manicured

The Surface RT is full of interesting details : the materials with which it is built are a magnesium alloy and glass resistant “Gorilla Glass 2”, making it particularly robust – indeed perhaps go a bit ‘overweight’ (nearly 700 grams + extras) but its slim appearance (9.3 mm) appears not. Clearly not shatter team by a bump or drop something that also helps prevent magnetic charger connector. In addition to the USB 2.0 also carries headphone output, a connector that microSDXC with memory expansion cards or reading cameras, stereo speakers and dual camera (front / rear) for video perfectly aligned.

Windows RT in the world of the Surface

As the system interface, all functions are available to the finger: just drag from the sides toward the center to display the General Settings menu or Android, Windows button functions as a “back to top” and movements Windows RT panels are fluid and comfortable, besides customizable. when downloading however be noted that many applications consistency understand interface regarding their way, which can throw off more than one. Perhaps the worst part is the inclusion of lead Desktop (the ‘traditional Windows Desktop “) where they still reside some of the functions. Anyway, Desktop area is more like a PC than a tablet and is required for some features, but many of them are somewhat misplaced, including their appearance (small print too small even to be extended, windows, icons tiny size) and do not seem appropriate for all users, in addition to waste the screen. Can two preference panels? Are two Internet Explorer? Perhaps Microsoft should remember that simplicity is hard because it requires sacrificing important things sometimes and that is precisely the challenge to eliminate or hide what confuses, adapting or keeping only the essentials. One tip to not miss: learn some of the keyboard shortcuts listed in the manual to not die trying to understand the confusion. Among the positive details that make Windows RT RT Surface tablet somewhat competitive and innovative are the management of multitasking , which enables two applications simultaneously on the screen (for example write or surf while watching TV Zattoo Live TV in a corner), the multi-user accounts that provide the same tablet use it several family members (including a special children’s mode, which limits the use of certain applications or websites) and other details like passwords through images.

Other features and apps from the Windows Store

Microsoft has opted to dispense with telephone communications through making 3GInternet in Surface only available over Wi-Fi (or riding a tethering via mobile, if you have that option, or installing a device Mi -Fi or similar). This is an increasingly common trend among manufacturers, although many still offer 3G as an “optional” – but to consider depending on what it is going to use the Surface: no Wi-Fi or mobile phone not support tethering can not access the network or part of the information stored there to “return to base.” Furthermore, that Surface has improvable aspects regarding the integration with social networks today fundamental as Twitter or Facebook -only testimonial, since there are even official Android Windows RT-and the important challenge of improving the variety and quality of the Windows Store applications in general , where no official data was talk of a catalog of about 35,000 earlier this year.could summarize by saying that the basic applications of Surface RT do their work:photo galleries, videos, maps, Bing, Weather … Nothing fancy but adequate. The music section is especially powerful with the wide range of Xbox Music. But over the world of additional apps Doing more thing falls short. Do not forget this: RT Surface only runs Android the Windows Store designed for RT, no generic Windows applications ‘lifetime’ nor Xbox games. On the Windows Store’s “largest known” as Skype to talk and video conferencing; Amazon Kindle for reading books, the Google search engine, the document reader Evernote, Shazam songs Recognizer; Zattoo Live TV to watch all the TV channels and even official RTVE application with its diverse supply and direct. But where are Twitter, Facebook and many others? They are widely used in applications that users may want to keep their accounts. Many popular titles simply shine by their absence. And it may not be through neglect but because the tablet is in the midst of the battle of systems and strategies, which favors neither encourages “competition” to support it.

Surface RT is an alternative to consider as a tablet for those who need more than just a player or a gadget for watching movies and occasionally suits them “something like a PC” – provided they are willing to pay for it and a product “brand.” Its well designed keyboard can opt to do a lot, and also the battery life is a plus, and the quality and size of the screen, more than enough. The Surface may seem a little heavy at first contact, but so recently we were with larger notebooks and “thick” in backpacks. Who also think home sharing function takes an extra argument for multiuser avoided headaches – but will get used to Windows RT. Regarding prices, RT Surface is sold in two versions: 32 GB and 64 GB (479 and 479 euros, respectively) in white, black and blue, if you add any of the keyboards are about 100 euros for 25-30 euros and can be purchased 32 GB more memory easy to install (the system occupies about 16 GB about, leaving the rest). The price includes the license of Office Home Student 2013 RT that is preinstalled. A balanced version for a normal user would probably be the basic version of 32 GB, it is cheaper to use “the cloud” or a pair of expansion as as needed by adding the mechanical keyboard-Type Cover. This makes about 600-650 euros in total: more than other tablets but less than many ultrabooks , which considering it is a quality team and recognized brand that sounds more reasonable.

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