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HP has introduced a new commitment to the computers in one with Windows 8 and touch screen . The Rove HP Envy 20 is a team that tries to combine the stability and power typical of desktop computers with the mobility of laptops. This is achieved through a large 20-inch device with managable weight of just over five kilos, and a range of up to four hours allowing us to use the Envy Rove without worrying about cables during the time enough to see a movie or play a game to our favorite game. The HP Envy Rove will be available in July at a price that some of the 1,000 euros.



The first thing that strikes the Rove HP Envy 20 is its size. Twenty inches to make it a big enough team to function as a desktop computer. Yes, as I have other brands like Lenovo or Asus, the U.S. company has decided to give it a portable format and aspect as a tablet to use wireless throughout the house.Specifically, we have a touch screen up to 10 simultaneous pressure points and a resolution of 1,600 x 900 pixels in order to view the contents in more detail (yes, you can lie on need to have opted for a slightly higher resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels). All this with a fairly restrained weight of 5.3 kilos.

Possibly not become a regular companion when we move from one room to another, but whenever we need we carry equipment comfortably and take four hours of autonomy offered. Time enough to enjoy any of the games to come the equipment (one of the titles that have been revealed is the Monopoly , title to recreate the legendary board game) or to see a movie. The multimedia experience is enhanced by the inclusion of technology HP Beats Audio to your speakers, and it offers good sound quality.

Rove HP Envy 20

In addition, the operating system chosen for this equipment is Windows 8 . The platform Microsoft is designed to take advantage of touchscreens time and a more traditional desktop linked to earlier versions.The idea of the U.S. company has been linking the productive universe featuring Windows 7 with a more interactive experience own phones and tablets. Though the market response is not being expected, the launch of a series of improvements in late summer ( called Windows Blue or Windows 8.1 ) could improve performance significantly.

Inside the HP Envy Rove 20 we find a processor Intel Core generation (not yet unveiled the model). Also note the presence of a hard drive up to 1TB of memory along with a smaller SSD to enhance the computer’s boot and application load. The HP Envy 20 Rove come to Spain during the month of July at a price of 1,000 euros.

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