RIM shows first features of BlackBerry OS 10

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Research In Motion (RIM) on the developer conference Blackberry Jam presented features of the upcoming mobile operating system BlackBerry OS 10th Among them is a “flow” said user interface, gesture-based and integrated among others the old menu and the universal inbox.


The screen of a BlackBerry device 10 can be used without a slider or a click on a button to unlock. A user only has one finger from the bottom up on the screen so that the lock screen disappears. Flow also provides a preview of all open programs, which are displayed as thumbnails. A user can select as another application, without having to call a home screen and click on an icon needs.

New stroke called a BlackBerry message center, the e-mails and updates from social networks such as Facebook and Twitter is contains. BlackBerry stroke is also called a gesture, a user must have the latest application for only pushed with a finger to the right.

BlackBerry OS 10, which is present since yesterday as Beta 3 allows, it also personal and business data of a user to separate them. As the Blackberry Balance designated feature is indeed already present in parts since BlackBerry OS 6, the implementation in BlackBerry OS 10 was new.

The change between a private and a business profile is at your fingertips. IT administrators can use for business use, such as creating guidelines for binding applications to install and also specify the period after which the screen will be locked. The user calls to his personal profile, disappear all corporate data such as emails, phone numbers and apps. RIM says it is also not possible to copy confidential information of a company in the private profile, in order to forward it from there.

RIM has also revamped the e-mail facility. It now corresponds to the addition of a personal e-mail account. Previously, it was relatively complicated to sign in to a secure BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

According to CEO Thorsten Heins is the development of BlackBerry OS 10 in the schedule. He said would begin in October, the first mobile operator to test the new BlackBerry devices.Smartphones with BlackBerry OS 10 will be available in the first quarter of 2013.

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