RIM: Reasons why you should switch to BlackBerry 10

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RIM  executives have listed the top reasons why you should consider a BlackBerry smartphone 10:

Stroke and Flow

The hub collects the messages and notifications and directs them to one place. It takes over the idea of a drop-down box as you know it from Android. In this SMS, e-mails and also alerts all kinds of different applications to be displayed.

The flow allows multiple activities at the same time or alternately perform (multi-tasking). So you can send tweets and Facebook make updates without leaving the hub. It is also possible to check an active application to run in the background while another.


The new generations will have no physical keyboard more as you would from previous handsets such as the Bold was used to. Instead, it will – be a virtual keyboard that RIM has designed for BB 10 – in the spirit of the time. The used software learns the words you use most often and every user should otherwise make no concessions to the leading platforms.

Although the next generation of QUWERTY Keyboard for BlackBerry handsets will still remain closed, there has been some debate as to what not to expect. Among other things, it is confirmed that the device will have a square display with a resolution of 720×720 pixels.

It looks good

For this you have probably not saying much. RIM calls his design “Cascades”, has worked hard on the. We have worked on a unified look. A lot of developers have been waiting for Cascades, with the new BlackBerry user interface is written 10. The Swedish designers of future user interfaces for mobile devices, for example, have already designed the user interface for Android. They work with RIM working to develop the user interface for smartphones and tablets and make.


RIM promises a new and improved Webkit browser with stronger HTML5 compliance, the new and old users to convince.


A point in which now must convince each platform to attract new and former consumers are apps. RIM wants to both consumers and developers offer completely new opportunities. The company has announced that it intends to more apps on a first-generation platform to offer than ever before. RIM is confident that promise and wants to put on launch day 30,000 + apps.

Equally important is the favor of the developer. RIM has spoken around the world directly to developers, informing them that they have created an attractive platform that has a lot of potential to make money. RIM even promised the developers at the end of 12 months after the launch of BlackBerry OS 10, to pay the difference, should an app more than $ 1000, but contribute less than $ 10.000.

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