RIM plans to launch with BlackBerry 6 devices 10 in 2013

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RIM plans to launch six new devices with the operating system BlackBerry 10 throughout the year. The Canadian wants to regain some of its former market share with a variety of products for different segments and price.

Blackberry 6

   Research In Motion has delayed the entry of mobile devices earlier this year, without going through a lucrative holiday season which has benefited its competitors.

    However, to compensate for this delay, the company plans to market multiple devices with the new OS. Specifically, RIM plans to launch six new devices over the years, as explained by the CMO of Blackberry, Frank Boulben, to FierceWireless during the celebration of CES 2013.

   “Our goal over time is to increase our portfolio to get a wide range of devices, “said Boulben.

   The first one, which will incorporate the Qwerty keyboard , will perform on Jan. 30 this month, said Boulben. The following is the full touch models, according to RIM intends to also enter into a vast world of mobile touch devices.

   RIM lost most of its subscribers and home users a few years ago, against the supremacy of the models of Google and Apple.They presented various smartphones touch with a wide variety of applications that conquered the sector.

   With the arrival of its new smartphones with BlackBerry 10,RIM hopes to return to what it was at the time , especially in the corporate environment. The Canadian has always characterized their devices with protection and data security.

   For Blackberry 10, the company reported in November the FIPS 140-2 security certificates required in the United States. So far,150 companies are testing their first models , commented Boulben.

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