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Microsoft and Research in Motion have a patent agreement signed, the Canadian BlackBerry maker allows the use of the exFAT file system. According to Microsoft, optimized Extended File Allocation Table or shorter exFAT file management of flash memory as used in current smartphones and tablets used.


“The use of smartphones and tablets today, more capacity for high resolution images and extensive data than traditional cell phones,” says a statement from David Kaefer, which is at Microsoft as General Manager for the licensing of intellectual property rights. “This agreement with RIM shows how a modern file system exFAT helps to meet specific customer requirements of the mobile industry.”

An enhanced version of the FAT file system exFAT requires less overhead than the standard used in Windows NTFS. It increases the maximum file size compared to FAT32 by many times. Microsoft uses exFAT some time in the embedded versions of Windows, and the Windows client. As a licensee of the software giant exFAT could win in the past years, Sharp, Sony, Canon, Sanyo, SanDisk, Tuxera.

Not mentioned was the amount of the license fee that has to pay RIM. 2010 experienced the Microsoft expert Mary Jo Foley of the company’s employees that, for certain classes of equipment such as cameras, camcorders and digital photo frames a flat license fee of $ 300,000 was paid.For mobile phones and PCs, but Microsoft will begin volume-based fees.

RIM is already longer licensees of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. The BlackBerry maker also belonged to Apple, EMC, Ericsson, Microsoft and Sony have formed a consortium that together took over the patent portfolio of Nortel Networks for $ 4.5 billion.

Following the reporting of the license agreement with Microsoft saw the RIM shares, which had lost in the last three months about 30 percent of its value, a daily increase of about 2 percent.Investors saw this as clearly a signal that it will continue with the development of the new mobile operating system, BlackBerry 10, RIM had to postpone its release to the first quarter of 2013.

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