RIM: BlackBerry proposed licensed 10 soon?

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BlackBerry should find itself on other manufacturers’ equipment that Research in Motion, according to its CEO Thorsten Heins.

This was an avenue out of the difficult situation of declining sales of BlackBerry smartphones and the delayed launch of BlackBerry 10 is becoming reality. Research in Motion (RIM), which has always focused on the combination of its software and its hardware will be able to let other manufacturers incorporate into their BlackBerry devices 10. Thorsten Heins The CEO confirmed that the provision of license could be offered with the latest evolution of its platform, noting that QNX , the basis of the OS, is already the subject of license agreements with car manufacturers for embedded systems. Waiting investors Exits to lose some of its unity, such a move could reassure investors and give them confidence in BlackBerry 10 which appears to many as the last lifeline for the Canadian manufacturer, now engaged in a solid phase of restructuring. And expectations are high on this point: Bloomberg reminded the jump in the price of RIM at the beginning of August on speculation of a license made by Samsung BlackBerry 10. Realization of their hopes, there are still some way to go and it is not said that manufacturers will embark on the adventure and Android then iOS reign supreme on the smartphone market. And if 10 is presented BlackBerry as a revival of the BlackBerry OS platform, it is also to expand into new markets beyond smartphones and tablets, to smart objects and M2M (Machine to Machine).

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