RIM announces comprehensive management solution BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

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Research In Motion has unveiled BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, a management solution for mobile devices. In it brings together its individual products for companies that cover the aspects of security, infrastructure, mobile devices and app management. The administrator will continue all of these solutions in a single web interface.


BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 should start in the first quarter of 2013Product names like BlackBerry Mobile Fusion BlackBerry Device Service and Universal Device Service run from then.

In a blog entry explains Jeff Holleran, 10 let BES integrates with existing enterprise server environments. This stems from the fact that the new product is an evolution of the existing services.Holleran is responsible as the Senior Director of Enterprise Product Management at RIM. Is a bit confusing in its text that it shortens both the new BlackBerry Enterprise Service and the previous solution with BlackBerry Enterprise Server BES.

According to the blog, there will be new features to manage devices with BlackBerry 10 – which is also in the first quarter of 2013, starting the operating system. In addition, we occasionally make existing features across all products available.

However Holleran also indicates that BES 5 + initially will have to run on a separate server.BlackBerry Device Service and Universal Device Service can be combined on a single server, however – whether virtualized or not. This could be the core of a week ago, circulating rumorshave been, BES 10, is incompatible with previous versions of BES. RIM has it in this form, however, immediately denied .

As terminals support the upcoming management total solution smartphones with BlackBerry OS 7 and earlier, new models with BlackBerry 10 and all BlackBerry PlayBook tablets. As a foreign operating systems Android and Apple’s iOS will be compatible – including all smartphones and tablets.

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