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GALAXY S 4 you closer to what matters most in life, your world



Announcing the launch of the fourth generation GALAXY S, GALAXY S 4, designed to get close to what matters most in life, your world.

In response to what matters most in life, Galaxy S 4 has been developed to redefine a more comfortable experience and respond to user needs. This sleek and innovative smartphone every moment becomes a special moment and, realizing the value of these relationships, can strengthen ties with family and friends, and who believes in the importance of a free experience annoyances, and makes life easier taking care of welfare.

The phone’s style is marked by his careful and sophisticated design, which has a larger screen and a thinner bezel, all in one device lighter (130g) and thin (7.9 mm). Samsung Galaxy S 4 is thinner, more durable and discreet but with lots to see. It is now simply a surreal beauty. In its release will be available in Black Mist and Frost White , but during the year more colors will be added.

Special moments, more fun

Galaxy S 4 is designed to capture and share the most significant moments of our lives. GALAXY S 4 is the first Full HD Super AMOLED screen is capable of capturing and displaying amazing images. Its 5-inch screen with 441 ppi which give the user an impressive viewing. In addition, Galaxy S 4 uses the new Corning Gorilla ® Glass 3, which makes it the most durable sidekick.

Equipped with a 13-megapixel rear camera, GALAXY S 4 incorporates the ‘Dual Camera’, which allows the camera to both the front and rear, take photos and videos simultaneously. Thus, when the moments are captured, users can choose from a wide variety of frames and effects of mixing the two images naturally and can, in turn, adjust the image size smaller within the larger .At the same time, users can choose from 8 different ways of mixing together photos from the front to the rear camera. At the same time, with the function ‘Dual Video’ you can make a video call with family or friends, during which you can show what you’re seeing while talking.

But the camera functions beyond Dual Camera, because the device is also equipped with 12 different shooting modes like ‘Drama Shot’, which lets you see all the action in a continuous time-lapse, and ‘Sound & Shot ‘. latter sound and voice stored while the image is taken, so that special moments are captured with striking real exactly the way they have been produced.

All these significant images can be automatically stored in an album, with the new feature ‘Story Album ‘. Photos taken with GALAXY S 4 are automatically collected and sorted according to your timeline, location and weather information, as well as photos and videos are automatically saved on the phone to create a personalized photo album. These albums can be printed through an agreement with Blurb.

Real Connections: brings people

Samsung GALAXY S 4 provides full connectivity that ensures continuous contact with the people around us. It is more than a personal device designed for the enjoyment of a single user, since it is designed to strengthen relationships with family and friends, to share and experience allow easy pleasures of life on the go.

Thanks to its function ‘Group Play’, we can enjoy different files such as music, photos and games with those around us, even without Wi-Fi application or mobile signal. This innovative feature allows users to connect directly with others to share and co-create content and instant entertainment. Your option ‘Share Music’ offers the possibility to have the same song playing on multiple devices in sync to create the best atmosphere.  

GALAXY S 4 brings people together breaking language barriers. International travel becomes a pleasure, thanks to ‘S Translator’ that provides instant translation or translations of texts using voice mail applications, SMS or ChatON. This translation is possible both voice-to-text and text-to-speech and warrant that you have the right information while during the stay abroad.

GALAXY S 4 incorporates HSPA +42 Mbps and 4G LTE, which means that wherever we can have seamless connectivity. Specifically, the LTE enables to version 6 frequency bands for operation in all LTE coverage areas, as well as for LTE international roaming. In addition, the version will be introduced TDD / FDD Dual Mode LTE later this year.

Simplicity to improve user experience

Today we all seek ways to make our lives easier and less stressful. GALAXY S 4 ensures that tasks requiring less effort with innovative features that detect your face, your voice and your movements to control the screen without touching it.

‘Samsung Smart Pause’ to control the screen depending on where we look. When we are watching a video, it will stop when we look elsewhere and put back into operation when you look back. ‘Samsung Smart Scroll’ allows scrolling through the browser or by mail up and down without touching the screen. Detects our eyes and recognize the movement of the wrist to move pages according to their movement.

Meanwhile, ‘Air View’ helps users to navigate with your fingers to preview the contents of an email, S Planner, gallery or video without having to open it. Allows even have an enlarged view in the internet browser or a phone number stored in the speed dial keyboard. ‘ Air Gesture ‘ to change the song, up and down a web page, or take a call with a simple waved.

Another option is’ S Voice TM Drive ‘ , which activates the commands through voice control, for example, while driving. Once connected to the car’s bluetooth, the phone automatically switches to driving, converting text to speech to check messages securely, without having to look at the screen.

‘Optical Reader’ makes life easier, automatically recognizing a text, a business card or a QR code and providing great features such as the translation of this information, call options, SMS or search.

At home, using ‘Samsung WatchON’ , the new GALAXY S 4 will become a remote to control the various devices, such as TV, DVD player or even air conditioning. In addition, you can enjoy various content and live TV, cable TV and video on demand, based on the information provided EPG (Electronic Program Guide).

Look after your health and quality of life

GALAXY S 4 provides information on the state of health of the user through the software ‘ SHealth ‘. Combining sensors incorporating the device allows automatically controlling the state of health and the environment to help improve the quality of life . addition, users can easily check their health with daily monitoring of food, exercise and sleep to be healthy and in top form.(Some features require specific accessories).

To further ensure the welfare, ‘Adapt Samsung Display’ offers an optimal experience, designed for every application, while ‘Samsung Adapt Sound’ offers sound level and type suitable customized for each user, to take full advantage life.

Samsung GALAXY S 4 will be available in the second quarter worldwide, including U.S. carriers like AT & T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, U.S. Cellular and Cricket. In Europe as operators have to Deutsche Telecom, EE, H3G, Orange, Telenor, Telia Sonera, Telefonica and Vodafone.

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